Pro10 Tennis Pilot March 2018



Magic Brace

Adaptable & Unbelievable. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Fixes all bodily injuries eg back knee elbow feet & re-aligns the body for maximum performance / efficiency of all actions eg golf swing, tennis serve, lifting, driving, hairdressing, office work. Will include a free consultation via skype, qq, gmail, or email.

” I didn’t believe it possible, I have been spending money on physio for years. It’s amazing, and especially, at my age, to have my elbow, knee and my tennis game, rejuvenated within 2 weeks”.
Gordon Watson, Scottish Tennis Coach, Glasgow.

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire, emailed to you prior to the personal consultation, for example, where does your golf swing, backhand fail you, and or lifting/forehand hurt etc, childhood injuries and so on. With the completed  10 question, non personal, but full privacy, locked away in our files, questionnaire, you will be required to send a @ 45 degree pic, png,  jpg, of your action at contact, of stroke, lift, cut, run, walk, bend, as below pics, and then you finalise by booking a preferred date and time for your individually personalised consultation.

Special 2017 Offer (Normally $270 USD)
Magic Brace, $130.00